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dealz is a rules engine for legal deals execution
we believe that most legal deals can be algorithmized. using such algorithms together with data enrichment, automatic documents creation and e-signing protocol, people and entrepreneurs can save their time and money on legal fees
how does it work?
01. deal type determination
starta accelerator's investment, kiss (500 startaps), safe (y combinator), loan, etc.
02. dealzBot chat
data collection, data enrichment from open sources
03. virtual room creation
all parties of the deal collaborate in one place. lawyers, consultants or other relevant people can be invited
04. key terms agreement
access via easy-to-use interface
05. legal documents drafting
fully integrated with Google Docs, dealz creates all necessary documents automatically
06. e-signature
legally binding electronic signature. Docusign integration
dealz cooperates with
all dealz algorithms are verified by lawyers or executed in accordance with market standards. to be on the safe side, the user can also invite any consultant or specialist he or she trusts to enter the virtual deal room. in cooperation with lawyers can work more efficiently focusing on complex cases, not on solving repetitive routine tasks
if you are an attorney, lawyer, accelerator or business angel and you want to cooperate, please fill in the form. we will immediately get in touch with you
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